Monday, April 13, 2009

Rocky Amusement (Updated)

Update: I put the broken rock on the carpet near the computer room this morning and as Eryn walked into the bathroom at about 7:00 a.m. I said, "Look, Bailey pooped." Eryn said, "Ewww....gross!" I said, "You have to clean it up, she's your cat." Eryn replied, "Sigh...can I use a tissue?" Me, "Of course, honey." She almost dropped the rock in the toilet before I explained it to her. Score. She's sort of has the opinion that it might be fun to leave it in front of the red room guest room door when She says is here.

I found a rock in the work parking lot today that was broken into two pieces. Eryn loves that sort of thing, so I put it in my pocket and gave it to here when I picked her up from school. When we got home, she brought it in and left it on the table where I realized it looked exactly like a piece of curved cat poop when the two rock pieces were side by side.

So I took it downstairs, left it in front of the computer room door, and then slowly pushed the door open, pointed at it, and said to Pooteewheet, "Ewwww...look what Bailey did."

She got as far as the bathroom before taking another look and realizing it was a rock. I'm leaving it on the floor for Eryn to find in the morning.

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CookieQueen said...

Good one! Many years ago, my mom made fake dog poop out of playdough (you know the stuff you use in kindergarten to make the gingerbread men ornaments for the xmas tree) and she put it under a chair at my uncle's home. My very gay, very clean-freak uncle. It was funny.