Sunday, April 12, 2009


I swear Easter is basically about cleaning up the house before company arrives. It does help me gain a perspective on how much junk is floating around the house. So for a few hours, until the five children dispersed all the toys and marshmallow guns and candy, it looked pretty good. We had the Cookie Queen family and my sister's family over for some egg hunting and grilling. That's right - we grilled for Easter. Ingenious. If I ever do a ham, I think I'm just going to throw it on the grill for expediency.

For a while I was in charge of tossing a spongy softball in a game of Heads Up! The best part about that was that I managed to unload an extraneous softball glove. My day is happiest when something leaves the house. I was particularly pleased that after the marshmallow guns came out, Eryn drew an engineering-esque comparison between the guns and the rocket launcher she got for selling magazines. She carefully put a marshmallow in the end of the rocket launcher and shot it at Dan'l.

I should have some pictures to post by tomorrow when Pooteewheet's camera finishes a lengthy download.

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LissyJo said...

We want easter pics!