Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Snuggle It!

I've seen several friends asking on Facebook, blogs and elsewhere, "Who the hell would order a Snuggie?" The answer daughter. But we're too cheap to order a 2 for $20 Snuggie from t.v., so my mother made a faux Snuggie, that's not really a Snuggie because it has a full back, and the 2nd, free version, is actually kimono-ish in nature. So we'll call them SnuggleIts.

Eryn eating french toast for dinner and doing some double-fisted drinking in her new SnuggleIt. Check out the feet. How tall do you think she'll be?

The kimono/sari style SnuggleIt, wrapped appropriately for maximum warmth.

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LissyJo said...

I had to really convince her to *not* make a shirt and pants. The snuggie-theory just did not make much sense to our mother.