Friday, March 06, 2009


I was reading the corporate blog today and a lot of people were discussing our brand and that they'd seen it on television, on sports figures, and in video games that feature sports figures. This reminded me, I too had seen an interesting placement of our brand, but in my case it wasn't on a golfer or in a video game, but in a picture I'd encountered while looking for some pictures and information when composing my post about the midwest burlesk review.

A warning, this is no doubt the most NSFW for work link I've ever posted on my blog unless you include the one where Mean Mr. Mustard is in bed with Spike. I'm pretty sure I have to post it here and not on the company website.


Anonymous said...

Well this just seems like a prime branding opportunity really. Or maybe a sales opportunity? "Deck out your library with our law books and you'll have beautiful women lustfully disrobing in no time..."

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was about real branding, you know hot irons and such.