Friday, March 20, 2009

Odds and Ends - MS 60, Slacker Manager

Erik the Swede put me on to this site, Slacker Manager. It's a useful enough source of managerial reading material that it's in my links list. I also added a link for the weather in Eagan. It's so specific it tells me the inside temperature. Now I have to look around the house for the weather station.

I am in the MS 60 this year. Not the 150. I decided to go for a single day event rather than the two day abandon the family for the weekend version, particularly as I'm running away to RAGBRAI for a week. A friend donated $50 in my name, so I at least meet the minimum, but I encourage people to donate anyway. You can find the Wild West Outlaws team here, and we're a long ways from our target. If you don't feel like donating to me, try donating to Ming Tan or Kirat Sekhon - both of them need to meet their $50 minimum.

Stuff About Minneapolis has an article on Community Agriculture with a list of Minneapolis CSAs via Heavy Table. MNSpeak/Secrets of the City has an open post up on CSAs as well. I think we'll be doing this in my family this year.

Let's Go Crazy sung a capella (MNSpeak via MNStories)

There's a new Dora! If you're protesting, you have a problem.

Secrets of the City also posted a link to this commentary designed to piss off cyclists. The comments are the good part.

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LissyJo said...

Yes, we split a share with friends of the May Farm CSA that has good variety (they give you eggs if that weeks' stock is low), herbs AND they focus on educating immigrant farmers.

She's wearing a tunic! A TUUUUNIC!!!