Friday, March 20, 2009

Events My Wife Should or Should Not Attend

My wife gets a lot of CE requests as an LICSW. These are some recent invites/snail mails about which I have an opinion.

"Mouth Body Connection" - Yes. Yes. Yes. Particularly as it's "Convenient for your life. Evening and Weekend Appointments."

"When Professionals Weep" - no. I do not agree with squarely facing one's feelings. Professionals should never weep. It's part of the definition of professional.

"The feminine face of God" - why? Why do you get credit for this? I should get credit for this because I'm ordained. But I don't know why you get credit for it as an LICSW.

"Tributary: Honoring Through Poems" - damn, do I ever have a lot of MFAs I could introduce you to if you want this sort of mind-f***ing.

"Women's Bodies" - see #1 for the yes-cubed assertion.

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