Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scooter Needs

She Says gave me a meme to complete on Facebook. I thought about it, and decided I'd better do both my nickname and my real name. So here we go. Just Google your first name with the word "needs"--e.g. "Scooter needs," and list the first ten (non-redundant) results. This is a bit confusing, because I'm not sure if you're supposed to list only the ones with Scooter Needs in the very first part of the title, or if you're supposed to interpret a bit and pull out the chunk that says basically "Scooter needs xyz". I'm going with the later interpretation as it makes more sense. So here it goes...

Version 1, Scooter Needs:
  1. Scooter Needs a Plane Ticket to California
  2. Scooter Needs - Portland [ed. conveniently close to California]
  3. (Blind) Scooter Needs Your Love
  4. Scooter Needs an Amputation - PLEASE HELP
  5. Scooter Needs More Power
  6. Scooter Needs Your Help
  7. Scooter Needs Parts
  8. Scooter Needs Power Boost
  9. Scooter Needs Attention
  10. Scooter Needs BDRM/STE in Caring Home
Version 2, Scott Needs:
  1. Scott Needs Nude Models [ed. duh]
  2. Scott Needs This
  3. Trials and Tribulations: Scott Needs
  4. The Fat Triplets >> Scott Needs
  5. Scott Needs a New Liver
  6. Scott Needs a Real Serious Butt Chewing
  7. Scott Needs More Sleep
  8. Scott Needs Help...Drinking Vino
  9. Scott Needs a Ride at the Insider
  10. Scott Needs - London

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