Sunday, February 08, 2009

Preparing for RAGBRAI

I made it just over 85 miles this week, fifty of it in the last two days. The good news is my December surgery doesn't seem to be impacting my ability to ride any more. According to my notes, last time I was training for RAGBRAI, back in 2007, and it was the second week of February, I was doing 115-135 miles a week. So I'm a little off target, likely due to bicycling about every other day rather than every day. But that's ok, because I tend to get bored of my trainer after 2.5 months, so this time it should carry me into the real season. If I start psyching myself up now, maybe I'll be mentally prepared to do those pre-6:00 a.m. rides when it gets above 35 degrees.

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Anonymous said...

Well I am on the treadmill and trainer two hours a day. We are to get around 5 inches of snow tonight and Mt Lemon up to 24 along with the 10 they got yesterday. After the storm passes I will get out on the bike for a 25 to 30 mile run a day for a few days then pick it up. Will try to do a 50 mile day once a week. Then go up from their. When you come south you can ride my bike and I can ride my mountain bike.