Saturday, February 07, 2009

He's not a Princi-pal...

I'm glad we're looking at Thomas Lake, because it looks like Rahn elementary (AP via the StarTrib) could pose problems for someone Eryn going into first grade.

"EAGAN, Minn. – An elementary school principal could be disciplined for allegedly forcing a 6-year-old boy to unclog a toilet with his bare hands. The principal of Rahn Elementary has been on paid leave since mid-December..."

I remember how excited Dan'l used to get about the women at the doll factory plugging up the toilets all the time, and he'd have to snake them. But they were adults. If you're forcing a 6 year old to dig around in feces, no matter how angry you are about clogged toilets, you need to reevalute your job, the bleed over of personal issues at work, or how long it's been since you had a vacation.


boringsahm said...

Ewww, is the reason so many American's are home schooled?

Anonymous said...

"is the reason so many American's are home schooled?"

No, that is because their parents feel that the best way to change a society they do not like is to drop out of that society.


Scooter said...

I don't believe, last time I heard of anyone homeschooling, that they drop out of society. Drop out of public schooling, perhaps. But public schooling isn't society, it's the public schooling we provide as a way to ensure all children get an education.

I like public schooling and Eryn will be going to public school starting next year, but the idea that public school is a.) de facto the only way to get a good education or the only way you should get an education and b.) changeable to suit your child w/in the schooling lifetime of that child before the change you're trying to effect isn't applicable to your child anymore, seems dubious.

I have the homeschooling 100 websites and field trips page (although I have problems with Dept 56 as an educational trip) bookmarked on my computer because they do seem to have some good ideas about getting out in public and learning on site.

Grant said...

There have actually been studies that suggest that playing with feces at a young age actually causes kids to grow up and question there sexuality... far fetched but I'm serious look it up.