Wednesday, February 11, 2009

16 Things Meme

I'm cross-posting all the annoying memes people (that means you, She Says) are subjecting me to on Facebook. Here's the 16 Things Meme.

Write 16 things about yourself and tag anyone who is part of the 16 anecdotes.

1. I have ridden RAGBRAI, the ride across Iowa, and I'll be riding it again this year.
2. I'm an Eagle Scout.
3. One of my goals in life is to be able to sing a Spanish song while playing the guitar.
4. I once made a toast as a best man that referenced streaking.
5. I once went streaking and was caught by my (female) science teacher.
6. I was in two musicals in high school: Annie Get Your Gun and The Sound of Music.
7. My part in The Sound of Music required no singing.
8. I was my class valedictorian.
9. I was on the girl's tennis team in high school.
10. I hate to work with computer hardware.
11. I have more bicycle art than anyone else I know.
12. I like Scotch.
13. I am, with my family, in the top 5000, almost the top 4000, bands for Wii Rock Band II. That's more embarassing than it might seem on first read.
14. I have several dozen complete short stories I've written, almost all of them unpublished.
15. My favorite vacations are bicycling vacations.
16. I need to finish up my taxes.

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