Saturday, December 27, 2008


I haven't really gotten around to downloading Christmas pictures yet, so instead I'm going to ask a question I've been meaning to pose for a while. A few times a year, say three or four, I find myself sitting around and a symphony starts to play in my head. Nothing I've heard before. Never the same one twice. A fully-fledged, all instruments, sounds like something you'd hear on the classical radio channel, piece. If you gave me a tape recorder at that moment, I could hum all the individual strings and woodwinds and percussion (et al) lines making up the whole.

Until recently, I never thought too much of it. And then I reconsidered that maybe it's weird. So does this sort of thing happen to anyone else? Do you find yourself in-mind of a new classical tune, or some painting that should make it to a canvas but doesn't? I suspect it's my brain just exercising some neurons I haven't been mindful of on a day-to-day basis, but I'm fascinated to know if it's common, or if there are variations on the theme, or if some psychologist knows what causes it.


Anonymous said...

Really not strange in my opinion. Since college, I've had some kind of jazz tune that plays in my head occasionally. Always the same one, not anything I've ever heard (since I'm not really a jazz fan)and like you, it's multi-instrumental. Maybe we all have our own tune?

Deejayneko said...

For me it's the random beat I start clicking around in my head. It likely comes from my years as a DJ... techno isn't as severely interesting as jazz or classical however.

LissyJo said...

Yes. It's weird. Put it down on paper, li'l mozart!