Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Present Kicking Yeti

Yesterday, Klund gave Eryn a chocolate present egg from Germany. Delicious two-tone chocolate on the outside, funny present in the plastic yolk. Eryn got a yeti that kicks a little cardboard present box high in the air and Klund demonstrated to her how to turn it into a drinking game, and told her I'd explain the story of the Christmas yeti to her later.

This is what she was told. Santa makes his list up of who's been bad and good every year, but because of the volume of kids and the need to get data processing done on time, as well as present production completed, the very last week before Christmas is not factored into the good/bad algorithm. So you can be horrible the last week before Christmas, and you still get presents. Because of this loophole, Santa employs the present-kicking yeti, whose job it is to triple check the list (because Santa checks it twice) and watch for children exploiting the week before Christmas to misbehave. If he finds a culprit, he visits their house after Santa, but before the child wakes up, and uses his huge feet to kick the crap out of their presents. You'll know he was there because the train or doll you asked for will be in a box that looks like it's been kicked and stomped upon. Moral: children should not try to exploit exception to the rules just because they can.

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boringsahm said...

I like that story, but my boy's would misbehave just to get a glimpse of the Christmas Yeti!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!