Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Blogging has been light lately because I've been busy cleaning. Yesterday was Eryn's room. Today was moving appliances to the garage for J.R.'s curbside pickup on Friday morning (thanks to my father in law who came to help lift a fridge out of the basement), which is $55 cheaper than taking them for dropoff at Appliance Smart, and trying to install a new dishwasher (thanks again to Larry^2 for bringing his trailer for a Sears pick up run) that had instructions for a 3/8" 90 degree compression turn when it meant a 1/2" instead. A-holes. Who the hell knows the size of the dishwasher's threaded receptor if not the people who made it? Not to mention, I had to strip apart the old dishwasher to find spare pieces to make the junction box work, and a cable to splice so I didn't have to rewire under the sink. Pooteewheet is paying the price - she has to stop by Home Depot in the snow storm.

Until the dishwasher is in, I've come up with a plan that circumvents all the hose and tubing problems I'm encountering. I just pass the dishes down there and expect them to come back clean. I'm thinking of having her name officially changed to Dish Washer.

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We want pictures of your cute little niece's 1st bday party and xmas!! It's what the people want!!!!