Saturday, October 11, 2008

Geocaching Lebanon Hills Style

What the critics are saying about me today. "Beautiful. Sparse. Intimate. Fresh, wise and alive. Touched, unbalanced and pungent."

I took a half day off to go geocaching with The Boss yesterday. It was a perfect half day to skip work because it was beautiful outside. Almost four hours tromping around the woods and tracking down eight caches, until I had a sunburn, was a great way to finish a week.

Here we are in Lebanon Hills near Jensen Park. Almost looks like summer.

I was a little hot wearing jeans. But I think The Boss was wishing he had worn jeans after we hit about the third patch of raspberry bushes. Can you see the cache in this picture?

The cache in this picture isn't the guy - he's just standing there because he got it out of the break in the tree. This was a tough one because our GPS units were only accurate to about 49 feet. That's a lot of space to cover. Nearby, there was a cache on an island. I didn't strip down to go get it. Not because I have worries about swimming in a lake in my skivvies, but because I wasn't sure how I'd get my GPS unit...and a pen over there in good condition.

The last cache we found was wrapped around the branch of a pine tree with a bit of velcro, and we noticed my uncle in law and cousins in law had already found it before us, which had us wondering if they had sharper eyes because it took us a while to find it, despite that it was a ringer (near a horseshoe pit).

I joined the geocaching website as an official member yesterday. I kept meaning to, but it had refused my PayPal account several times and I hadn't gotten back to it yet. But The Boss took me to a cache that was for "members only" (there are some) so I had to sign up to record it. Fortunately they're taking credit cards now.

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