Sunday, October 12, 2008

Break it down, it's Eryntime...

What the critics are saying about me today, "He's the tune you never play on your iPod."

Some pictures of Eryn lately for the relatives. Here she is on a rusty scooter at the rental property in Apple Valley. She saw this in the junk pile when we were down there and wanted it. I told her the tenants who had left us all the junk had to clean up their trash, and if they were just going to throw it away, she could have it, but otherwise it was still their scooter, even though they'd dumped it with several mattresses, half a dozen computer screens and televisions and assorted electronics, and all manner of non-curbable trash that they felt was our responsibility (picture an old lady with a walker wandering up and down the sidewalk muttering to herself very loudly, to make sure everyone can hear, "that's trash, we're not taking it, it's trash." It was quite the scene). I told her that I'd be willing to go in half on a new scooter if she liked, and she felt that was reasonable, although she stated that if the trash scooter was available, she'd prefer to save her money. I think she's got a good understanding of what it means to spend all your money already. In the end, we went to the store and she bought half of a Spider Man scooter she loves, frequently buzzing up and down the sidewalk at school, and hauling me along for a ride down the side of the street (we don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood). Then the ex-tenants took everything but the trash scooter (my brother set it aside), so Eryn currently has both, although I need to wrap the trash scooter in handlebar tape and clean it up. It works out well because then we can have one in each car, as she likes to putter around when we go anywhere.

An early peek at the Hermione Granger Halloween costume. That's the wand that lights up that she broke pushing open a door and cried and cried. I managed to glue it back together and replace the button with a little piece of plastic that keeps it running. It's not as aesthetically pleasing as a new one, but Eryn prefers it to having to replace it herself (another money lesson - we told you not to push on things with it, and it broke, so if you want a new one, you can buy a new one if the repaired one isn't sufficient). Not surprisingly, the spell for repairing a wand does not work on the wand itself. Grandma made the robes. Grandma and Pooteewheet both bought a tie. And Pooteewheet is responsible for curling her hair a bit. I guess it should have been my responsibility to teach her how to talk with a British accent.

The school Fall Festival. It looks like she's one of those animatronic/mechanical people who tell your fortune by spitting it out of their mouth. Instead, it's just a sucker at a strange angle. No fortune for you!

The ring toss at the Fall Festival. I took over staffing the ring toss from my Aunt in Law. She would bend over and pick up the rings for each child. I instituted a fairly strict, "Before you can have a prize, you have to pick up the rings and hand them to the next child" rule. Saved on the bending and some of the touching of disease-ridden rings. Eryn is indeed commiting a foot fault, but she's very good natured about the fact that I sent her back to the blue line instead of letting her throw from halfway to the rings as we were allowing younger kids to do.

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