Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do Not View This Post if You're Doing the Halloween Caching Series II!

At the end of last week, we went after a third cache in the Halloween 2008 cache series. We were going to try and find two, but one of them was in the middle of a corn field marked private property, and I couldn't find the note that said we were allowed out there. So we wandered around a cemetery next to the field for a while instead before deciding it was too late for little girls to be up anyway.

But we did find the first one, which involved wandering around a park we'd never been to in Lakeville. The GPS took us to a wooded hillside that had obviously been a dumping ground, and was covered in broken concrete, rusty barbed wire, and many sticker bushes. Here's a taste of what we were tromping around next to in the dark with our little flashlights.

After wandering for a while, what do we see? This. What looks like a huge tombstone/monument in the trash-ridden woods. I thought, "Hey, there's an overgrown cemetery back here somewhere." But when we got closer, it was obvious this wasn't an overgrown graveyard, but a large Styrofoam cache.

Here's proof. It has an inscription. "Here Lyes ye Bod of Geo. Cach. Born 3rd of May 2000 buried yesterday who died today." Eryn is disturbed that he was buried before he was dead. You can see where you remove the faceplate to find the container for taking a spider ring and signing the log.

Pooteewheet took this picture on the bridge over the lake in the park. If I was out of the picture, I think I'd have it blown up for my sister and framed, because it looks like Eryn is being dejected and heading into the darkness, sort of like the corner scene in The Blair Witch my sister is so fond of.

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