Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bailey Moves In

When I got home on Friday, we had a new member of the household. Pooteewheet and Eryn had been to the Humane Society, and I'd gotten a call at work from Eryn providing me many details about the really nice kitty she'd met, and how much she liked the kitty, and it was a wonderful kitty, and would it be ok if we had two kitties? I've always had a two cat rule, and although I prefer manx and munchies because weird cats have more character in my opinion, it's not a given that it has to be deformed in some way, and we were currently running at one pet if you don't include the fish.

So Bailey has joined our family. Here Eryn has left her a welcome message.

She's been living on the porch while she and Cleo (the Manx) become acquainted. Most of the time they meet, it involves ineffectual slap fights through the glass door to the porch. Bailey thought Eryn's play house was interesting, and she's been spending her time there, on the little couch on the porch, and in Eryn's room.

Bailey checking on her food dish to make sure it's not going anywhere now that she has new digs.


Anonymous said...

Erin enjoy Bailey, it is a nice looking cat.
Grandpa John

Anonymous said...

Eryn enjoy Bailey, it is a nice looking cat.
Grandpa John

LissyJo said...

I blame your cat for making me explain death to my 3 yr old. She postulated you got a cat to keep your dog company. Which lead to telling her sandy died. Which lead to questions like "Why do you die when you're sick?"

After i did my best to explain it all, she said, "HEY! Now she can't lick anybody!!"

PTW said...

Well, she's right about that.