Saturday, September 13, 2008

Walk That Thing

I wonder if they give out the fines really late at night, when there aren't as many pedestrians on the bridge, or if they just take pity on you because you're drunk and forget to use your brakes before slamming your bike at a high rate of speed into the doors at the end of the covered portion? What do you think Kyle? You're the only one I know with appropriate experince.

"University of Minnesota police say they’ll start slapping bikers on the
Washington Avenue Bridge with $80 fines unless they get off their bikes and walk them. The Minnesota Daily reports today that new restrictions on the bridge’s
pedestrian level have caused congestion resulting in at least one injury from a
collision." (via the MN Independent)

This is post 1666! I think chronologically, that puts me in the middle of the Great Fire of London. It almost makes me want to go read the annoted Samuel Pepys I keep somewhere in the basement from my British History major days.

I've been expecting homework for two years now, and it still snuck up on me! Eryn has to have a.) a coat of arms about your family (a collage, basically) and a b.) math collage of things you count and count with done by Monday, because she's first to share this week. We spent a couple of hours at Ring Mountain cutting and pasting and tying and taping today while Pooteewheet was in the ER getting her zombie eye looked at. The math collage even included a picture of McCain and Obama, because you count votes. Eryn understands the whole "most votes" thing as she's been tagging along to vote with us the last several years (she went to the primary last week), although we haven't explained the electoral college yet. I think it's much easier to convince a 5 year old to do homework when there's ice cream readily available and a chance to ride her new Spider Man scooter on the cement with minimal supervision (I was busy reading about Risk Management and sharia-based mortgage funds).

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