Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey! I finally cleaned up my blogroll a bit - maybe that's a sign I'll work on it a bit more. It's about time I added Old and In the Way. I was feeling seriously guilty given I read Sank's blog so often.

This morning I was headed to work and, as I often do, found myself in the right hand lane on Diffley, trying to get into the left so I could make the left hand turn to work, but faced with five or six cars traveling as a single vehicle, bumper to bumper. So I turned on the turn signal and waited. And waited. And slowed down so I could get behind them if necessary by my turn. And waited. And slowed. And waited. And slowed. You get the picture. The whole time there's a van behind me who is riding my bumper because he wants me to go faster. But he can't get over either because of the cars, and the truth is, he couldn't have gone around them in front without pushing it into the 80+ zone. So finally the last car eased past us on the left, and I start to go left. Then, suddenly, I turn off my signal, turn on my right hand signal, slow down even more, and begin pulling off to the right side of the road. The van, thoroughly disgusted with me and what must be my crazy driving antics, revs, guns, and careens to my left...barely missing the ambulance shooting up the hill behind us.

There's a moral. I thought it was "don't assume other people are idiots or jerks." Mean Mr. Mustard thought it was (and I may be paraphrasing) "everyone else was given a car to annoy me."


Anonymous said...

Hey Scooter-
Thanks for the nod! I'm a fan as well. Especially that series of posts from your vacation ride. Excellent stuff.

Mac Noland said...

At least you don't have to get on 55 from Robert Street and try to cut over to Argenta Trail while jackasses race 100+ miles per hour past you.