Monday, August 11, 2008

Parking Lot Rendezvous

First of all - congratulations to She Says on getting married on 8/8/8. A fortuitous day that will hopefully stave off any future ceiling collapses. I'm glad to hear the Fat Tire and the wedding were both a success.

But this post isn't meant to imply she met her current husband in a parking lot. Rather, I've been following Eryn's two geobugs (the geoteeth, #1 and #2) on Google Earth and I noticed this at the end of the most recent geobug drop. I'm not sure what that thing is near the stops - maybe a cemetery, an abandoned building, an old building with a water stain on top, or a small lake inside a fence. All I do know is that it's near Redondo Beach and an Orange Julius. Regardless, the geocaching pattern is very strange. It looks like two bloggers met in the parking lot on stop 8, there was a handoff, almost like a drug or weapons deal, the result of which was that one of them snuck to the other side of the fence or building, and hid the cache a mere 20 feet away. I hope this doesn't represent a dead geocacher in a parking lot, who was mugged, the cache picked off his dead body, hidden before the cops arrived, and then recorded by the mugger/murderer. Consider stop #7 was within a short jaunt of Navy Yard City where there are many big ships, including an aircraft carrier, maybe the bug has been coopted by spies. We all know how they like to hide things in teeth. Most peculiar, Momma.

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