Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Unrelated, but did you know there's a whole pool dedicated to Maman and the spider sculptures. Probably could have guessed that, I just never thought about it.

We've been getting outside a bit lately. Seems like that would be obvious. It's summer. It's nice. But a lot of my time has been working on rental property which, although it's outside, in no way feels like enjoying the outdoors. But despite putting up siding and fence posts, we had Dan'l, Cookie Queen and Conner over so the kids could play in the blow up pool and strangely sexual looking sprinkler ring Dan'l bought, and I've managed to go biking on the Sunrise Trail with Ming, and do some geocaching with Eryn - our first time out in months.

Ming and I went 54 miles or so, after we'd driven around a while until we found two old guys in North Branch who could tell us how to find a hot breakfast. Someday, that'll be us walking along the path as two handsome, athletic young turks bike up to ask directions. We kept up a pretty good pace, around 15 mph, and Ming's legs were tired by the time we were pulling those last 4-5 miles. Mine were tired too, but I wasn't willing to admit it.

These two women were having a great time on the trail, whooping it up and sprinting in leap frog fashion.

Meanwhile, I was standing on the side of the road taking a picture of something that seemed obvious - why wouldn't you watch for children next to the Kinder Korner Child Care?

But what amused me is the little kid on the sign with his hands over his head. I assume he's supposed to be doing some sort of "sooooo big", but it looks more like he's being held up by someone with a big stick or a gun. And I swear it looks like he has pockets under his armpits, which would indeed make him someone special.

Eryn and I geocached close to home today before it rained, and she was the one to spot the cache in the tree.

The most exciting part was seeing some familiar names on the geolog. No - not Paklid - despite having done a number of his annoying puzzle caches, but a few cousins, once removed.

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