Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marshmallow Shooter

I was asked about the marshmallow shooter, so if you're dying to make your own, these are the instructions.

2 caps for 1/2" PVC
2 t joints for 1/2" PVC
2 - 90 degree joints for 1/2" PVC

1/2" (internal) pvc cut into (10' pole makes 4 marshmallow shooters)
  • 5 three inch sections
  • 1 one inch section (you can make it longer and just do three six inch sections if you like)
  • 1 seven-to-whatever inch section
In the following schematic -the marshmallow goes in the top 3" section (not in the end of the barrel)
LIPS & MM GO HERE >3 Inch90 Degree
1 Inch
90 Degree3 InchT Joint3 InchT Joint7 inch or longer section
3 Inch3 Inch

Don't glue anything. You want to be able to remove licked marshmallows that get stuck, or jammed marshmallows resulting from five year olds overloading the shooter. Use spraypaint or tape as necessary to decorate. Mini marshmallows may be white, multicolored or chocolate. Eye protection is recommended.


boringsahm said...

This where we Australian's go "Only in America!"

Why on earth would you want to shoot Marshmallows? I'd rather eat mine!

Scooter said...

If I shot my wife in the nipple with anything harder than a marshmallow, I'd get my a** kicked.

Sank said...

and Only in Politically Correct Apple Valley would the girl scouts stop calling these marshmallow shooters and can start calling them marshmallow "tossers" because shooters is just too violent.

I was shocked...

LissyJo said...

Hmm--"tossers" might be a bit too much for british or aussie girl scouts, am i right boring sahm?

Scooter said...

It was originally "gun". In the interests of being politically correct, I could call it a Marshmallow Poofter.