Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You're Making Marvin Very Angry

She Says gave me a present while I was in D.C. Actually, a few presents. And a few for Eryn, including a pedometer that Eryn loves and hauled around D.C. constantly resetting. But my presents were cooler, including a Boy Scout carry bag, and this t-shirt! Which like the sweatshirt my mother gave me, is perhaps not acceptable in public, but definitely works as part of a sweatshirt, t-shirt, Marvin slippers ensemble.


She says said...

Sure, point out that I didn't have anything for PTW. Sorry PTW! I figured it was best to just bribe your kid... hope that's okay?

Anyway, glad you like. When are you going to show us this fabled Marvin ensemble assembled and modeled?

Mac Noland said...

I've got a mid-year review coming up and I'd love to wear something like this to it ;)