Sunday, May 11, 2008

Allergy or Alcohol

Friday night I went Uptown with Kyle, Erik, and two developers (Alan and Razeul) from the UK. I'd been providing them training during the first three days of the week, and was worried they might be a little tired of talking to me about work. We had dinner at Chiang Mai Thai, which failed to be hot enough for a native of Bangladesh, and then went across the street to the Uptown bar to drink until just after 1:00 a.m. and listen to local band The Sota who, despite Erik's disgust at their lack of a bass - although his band doesn't have a harmonica - were pretty good once you got far enough away not to be bleeding out of your ear drums. Alan and Kyle had a spirited discussion about alternate energy, that was only interrupted when they both spluttered to a brief stop as a blonde leaned over the bar. If only that could be harnessed to power vehicles.

So the next day I was absolutely knackered. Even after half a pot of coffee it felt like someone had pilfered all my available energy. I chalked it up to lack of sleep and too much beer and didn't worry about it all day. I just got along as best I could. But today, I felt exactly the same and came to the conclusion that a few Advil and Tylenol were in order. Sixty minutes later, problem gone. Six hours later, I was tired again and repeated the Advil and Tylenol. And I was fine again. Which means it was allergies. Perhaps that's a reason to drink less now that I'm old. Because confusing allergies with a hangover just shouldn't be an issue.

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Anonymous said...

Taking after your father who became allergic to some alcohol around your age. Eyes run, nose run, felt like a hangover. etc.