Sunday, April 13, 2008


Eryn and I placed our very first cache today, complete with the tooth geobug the Tooth Fairy gave her. It was denied. The review board at told us it was within 1/10th of a mile of a hidden cache. Damn it. And it was a perfect spot - near a trail, kid friendly, nicely hidden. Now we have to go pick it up and try again. But we have an alternative location that's definitely more then 528 feet from any other cache, so we're covered.

Some highlights from today's caching. Bears! A warning that bear tracks have been found where we're about to go. Fortunately Eryn is too young to have any menstruation worries that might attract wild ursines. But pretty scary seeing as we were wandering around a park that didn't have any real trails, just a bunch of wilderness.

A funny cache from near the frisbee golf course. I really thought someone had lost a frisbee in the woods until I flipped it over.

Where the bears live. And some beaver, maybe. Eryn is pointing at a chewed tree in the water near the shoreline. She wanted to know why people were chopping down trees in the woods. She also wanted to know why people plant thorn bushes. I explained that they grow wild, and she was listening to reason until she became obsessed that she might have a woodtick on her neck.

Eagan has ruins. Eldritch ruins. Shortly after this Eryn bumped a rock and goblins boiled out of the earth. Poor buggers - I have boxing skills gleaned from the Wii and was able to drive them back into the ground. The cache near here was a kids' cache and full of lots of small toys, which thrilled Eryn.

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