Saturday, February 02, 2008

Poker? I Hardly Know Her?

Last night as poker at Tall Brad's place. I came in sixth out of um, sixteen? I lost on an A-4 that drew into a A-4-9 to an A-9. I could have gone in less than all-in, but I had reasons to force it, and I wasn't looking to ride into a position. I can't imagine it will cost me a seat at the final table. I followed up with a K-Q on the next hand and lost to Q-Q. Neither of those was nearly as annoying as losing three A-10 hands in a row near the beginning and only pulling down a big pot because someone let me ride a 5-2 on the big blind to a full house.

But none of that matters. There are two things that matter. One. Brad has a spoon rest that's really starting to bother me. It holds two spoons. So it's this silver thing with two round, intersecting depressions on one end, and then between the intersection of the circles, a squarish piece to counteract the weight of the spoons. There's no way to avoid the fact that it looks like a severely attenuated phallus, at least proportionate to its size. I think it's a secret sign to swingers that might be passing through. Or more accurately, I'm afraid that's what it is - and a lot of Tall Brad's friends work with me, which is a bad intersection.

Two, Tall Brad sent an email this morning, "Someone left a pair of black LL Bean shoes. Looks to be about size 10-12. Let me know if they belong to you." Brad...maybe that person never left after poker. Maybe they figured out the secret swinger spoon rest like I did, and they're hiding in your closet hoping to watch....blogging from their blackberry.

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