Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Minnesota Cities, Civitas Civitas

I think in the head to head, West St. Paul vs. Eagan YouTube video non-competition, West St. Paul has us beat, hands down. They have original music...we have Cartman covering Elvis songs. They have dancing. We have aimless driving. They have some sort of civic pride. We have a tour of our city-council created ghetto, previous home of the super-scary sick kids day care. Someone should make a better video for Eagan.

West St. Paul


To flush out a video post, here's Eryn playing her guitar. Maybe she can come up with a better anthem for Eagan. I think if she just added the words Eagan and Reverse (and lost Eryn) in Eryn's going on a Cowgirl Ride, we might have a candidate.

Nope...looks like she's going to do some aimless wandering as well, with her own guitar tunes in the background.

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