Monday, February 18, 2008

AquaFox and Aqua City Motel

It was a busy 24 hours. Eryn and I went out for breakfast at the Neighborhood Cafe in St. Paul, by O'Gara's. Great hash browns. Followed it up with a trip to Home Depot to pick up a new garbage disposal and blender, and then came home to a day of garbage disposal install and Dance Dance Revolution 2.

Last night I took a break and drove up to V's in the Midway around 10:30 p.m. to watch Erik's band, Aqua City Motel, play. They were preceded by AquaFox, said band involving twin sisters, sporting leather skirts, knee high leather boots, knee high stockings, and a hip slit skirt between the two of them, as well as an aggressive cowbell and train-sounding harmonica. So shame on Kyle for not going with me. They had sort of a Zeppelin/Joplin sound. Very loud. I could hear them quite well through my broken ear drum. Did I mention I think I broke my ear drum while violently puking with the flu earlier in the week? I'd felt water behind it and a weird thrumming afterward, and it hurt when I slept on that side. So I got in the bathtub only to have it fill up with more water. Rupture confirmed. Bonus!

Anyway...AquaFox was enjoyable, although the bar was playing Ghost Busters at the same time, and it was incredibly weird to see Rick Moranis having a dance party to their music. And at one point the lead singer went to put her booted heel up on the drum, so she could lean her head way back, sort of Janis Joplin sultry like, and she couldn't get it up there the first time and had to try again. At that point, it goes from sexy to sort of cute, which I don't think is what she was aiming for.

Aqua City Motel (although Dan Tanz jokingly said they were playing as AquaFucks that night - which drew cheers and jeers from the other band) had a completely new set. No bicycling across the universe this time. Almost everything sounded a bit more finished, which is cool, particularly the riff on "First Part of the Worst Part" and all of "Sleepwalker" - they've obviously been doing a lot of work. Erik says they're finishing up a CD. Some of my favorite lines included from "This Life" the lyrics "Saw your sister at the art fair/Broke into total despair", "Twelve years out of high school, thirty years is a drag" (sigh...try 22 and 40), and a reference to Traci Lords, who is literally older than me - so she seems like a bit of an anachronism in anything Erik might be singing.

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