Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wake Up Call

This morning I had a very early teleconference with one of our partners (or a very late teleconference, if you're them). I dialed into the conferencing system, and a sexy (automated) British voice responded, asking me to tell her my name and then press pound. Nice! Reverse Freudian. So I do, did, and as a result the system LAUNCHED me into some sort of 80’s Twin Cities '80s technopop cum Miami Vice music so loud I literally jerk backed in my rolling chair. But I was instantly awake and alert! I think that's just good design.


Anonymous said...

So you're saying the sexy British voice launched you into a live feed of JACK 104 FM? The one major problem I see is there's no way to change the channel if it's a conferencing system.

Mac Noland said...

That must be her day job. By night she's taking 1-900 calls.