Sunday, January 27, 2008

They Take Their Football Seriously...

Eryn and I went geocaching in Prescott, Wisconsin today. I'm a bit worried that this rack of ribs, lying in a snowbank next to a quaint little town park, is the remains of the last Vikings fan that came through town. They're getting sloppy. I hear they used to just float the bodies down the river with a Packer logging stamp on the foreheads.

Disgusting, fuzzy ribs aside, we had a great day tromping around Wisconsin, followed by a noisy evening at my nieces' third birthday party. Her big gift was a fully functional, battery powered Vespa scooter from my parents. Now she can ride around yelling "Chow!" at everyone, like Eddie Izzard insists is cool (though not in that clip - that's a clip about Noah and the Ark).

Here's a cache we found at a park and ride. It took us a few moments to realize that maybe a wood post with no electrical things on it anywhere probably didn't need a fusebox. We stuffed Nozy in there (the pig nose) so that he could pick up a new state on his travels, the whole point of our trip.

Here's a close up of the fusebox after Eryn homed in on it.

This stately bed and breakfast, the Arbor Inn, was home to our third find.

They took a clever approach to hiding the cache. See it?

Then look more closely...

We tried to find a fourth at Freedom Park on the river, but it was down the hill toward the railroad tracks, and I wasn't too keen on leaving Eryn on the hill where I couldn't get to her quickly, and it was incredibly slippery. Not kid-friendly at all, at least not in the winter. That little guy way out on the point in the river. Not a guy. It's some sort of anchoring point or something. I tried to take a picture through binoculars, but you can imagine how well that worked.

And Eryn watched a show where they talked about hidden Mickeys in Disney World. My friend Greg once turned up on a site claiming to have found a new one. Eryn is now certain they exist everywhere, not just in Disneyworld. Prescott, Wisconsin, has done nothing to put this personal urban myth to rest. Eryn knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that their railroad bridge contains two hidden Mickeys. In this case, it's hard to dispute.


boringsahm said...

I love "hidden Mickey"! But we only find it on the Disney channel.

Anonymous said...

Wow it was great to see someone stop and do our cache. The cold and snow have kept fellow cachers away for a bit. That four year old of yours must be one smart little cacher since you two made very few tracks looking.
We look forward to your return also for a relaxing getwaway.
Keep on caching! John and Deb