Monday, January 14, 2008

Urinal Button

When I walked up to the urinal at work today, there was a button sitting in the bottom, covered in, well, urine. Which doesn't seem surprising, but it is. Because it should just be covered in water if the urinal is working right. And then you begin to wonder if it isn't a magic button that somehow interferes with the infrared flushing mechanism. Which would just be crazy. But you wonder anyway. While I was peeing on the button, I pondered whether it was a shirt button, or a pants button. It seemed pretty big for a shirt button. Which made me worry that somewhere, in my vicinity, was a man walking around without his pants buttoned, just held sort of together by a belt, or worse, wide open under a now-untucked shirt. I pondered it in the general sense of "a man" with unbuttoned pants, because I don't want to worry about any specific person who might use that bathroom wandering around with their pants unbuttoned. When I was all done, the button somehow prevented the urinal from flushing, and I had to get a paper towel to push the flushing button - which, at the time, seemed ironic. But I think I was just hoping for some irony in my day and was settling.

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