Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baby Jesus on a Duck (on Nicollet Mall)

Yesterday, after dropping grandpa off at the airport to catch his plane back to grandma, the family stopped at the Hiawatha Line depot just north of the Mall of America and took the line downtown to have breakfast at Hell's Kitchen. Eryn's first non-Amtrak train ride. It was pretty cold, so we walked the skyways to get back to the return stop, and noticed this statue. Eryn stopped to proclaim that it was a very pretty statue, and as we started to walk away, she added in all seriousness, "It's baby Jesus on a duck!" we didn't bother to correct her.

Vicious snow-covered fu dogs on Nicollet Mall, so uncontrollable they need to be locked up. The poor lion-puppies look very cold.

A skway shot of Nicollet Mall in the morning. The little clear spot on the upper right corner of the bird fountain was done by Eryn on our walk to breakfast (this was taken on the way back).

Eryn in front of Hell's Kitchen. The place was hopping. I probably should have called ahead with reservations. We picked up one of the walk-in tables right away, but I think if we'd have been a minute later it would have been a thirty minute wait, and a few minutes after that they were telling people sixty to ninety minutes. I had lemon ricotta pancakes with fruit on top and berry sauce, a pecan caramel roll I shared with Pooteewheet, a really good cup of coffee, and a bunch of Eryn's spicy bison sausage. Eryn, on the other hand, didn't want her spicy bison sausage and ate sugar on bread instead. Don't ask - I don't know why. I didn't voice the tut tut of fatherly disapproval. Not a cheap breakfast with all that food, but I used my poker winnings, so it was almost like free food.

Eryn waiting for the train near the Mall of America, enjoying the heat from the overhead lamp. Those lamps are certainly more comforting for me than they are for Eryn or my short wife. It felt for a moment like I was getting a sunburn on my head. I think Tall Brad would lose some hair.

Pooteewheet and Eryn on the Hiawatha Line. The police came by to check our tickets and Pooteewheet noted, "They never check tickets." Which elicited my response, "Isn't this only the second time you've ridden it?"


Anonymous said...

Had Eryn seen a set of wings on the statue, it could have been an angel on a duck. Such uncorrupted mind. Thank God for small wonders.

Mac Noland said...

I'm going to have to check out Hell's Kitchen. Typically that is a label reserved for my attempt at breakfast. Sounds like it's better served at that establishment.

LissyJo said...

Gawd--Hells kitchen is my favorite breaky spot. The porridge is particularly good.

Reminds me: Amelie was telling a story the other day that went something like, "...and after church, we'll play with play doh."

Anonymous said...

While I was in the hospital, Dan and Conner would go for walks and Conner especially liked a statue near the public elevators - a bronze thing with several adults and one young child. Apparently Conner liked to touch the child's bottom every time they went by it. Not really sure why....Dan was quite embarrassed....