Sunday, January 06, 2008

Busy Week - Scooter Sleds

New Year's was less than a week ago? In the last week we in the Scooter clan celebrated New Year's at our place with friends. Ate out with my family. Sent Eryn up north to my nephew's birthday party and then followed to pick her up, hanging at Kyle's for the afternoon and evening, with a bit of sledding and gaming. Went geocaching. And various parts of my family either went to visit Dan'l and Cookie Queen's new son at the hospital, or played poker (and won) at Tall Brad's. Come to think of it, I had guitar lessons, read a book and had a boardgaming day as well. The poor camera is actually taking a stab at vacation-level photo containment. Here's a montage of the activities...I hope you're looking forward to the excited picture of me on a sled, because what you'll be missing is the video of me sledding on my crotch.

Grandpa John and new baby Adele (my niece) at Christo's in Minneapolis. We were assured she's not normally this quiet. Whoever wasn't eating their gyros was in charge of baby holding.

Right outside Christo's. One Fucking Speed! I know I mentioned this before, but I can't find it quickly enough to link to it. Pooteewheet made me a cool triptych out of a close up of the same bike, or sticker, as photographed at the Uptown Art Fair a few year's ago. Eryn loves to say it because it's on the wall in the computer room.

Eryn and I playing Zombies at Ring Mountain. We got some strange looks as people walked past to see what we were doing. I think it had to do with mixing the base Zombies game with 3.5 and 6 expansions Kyle gave me for Christmas and a great big "Bag O' Babes" with glowing zombie chicks holding dismembered heads. Eryn liked to collect several zombies and make them kiss, although she had a lot more girl zombies than boy zombies. Didn't seem to matter.

New Year's Eve. We lost Kyle and his extended family to disease and a pulled dog muscle, so it was a bit sparse. At one point, Ming gave up playing poker to play with the Dora Doll house.

And contrary to this picture, Logan did not have too much New Year's Eve non-alcoholic punch. He's going to be the life of the party someday.

Here we are playing my invented poker game "The Malaysian Dismembers the American Tourist to Win the Lottery". It's pretty easy, basically Texas Hold 'Em style poker but the five cards are flipped individually, representing the four limbs and head. We've pulled similar games out of our butts before, including "Doing Your Nails" and "The Bear and the Two Maidens". They probably have real names, but we can't be bothered.

Eryn and her new "cousin" Colin. Congratulations to Cookie Queen, Dan'l and Conner!

Eryn sledding at Elm Creek Park reserve. Pooteewheet thought I was a perv while we were sledding because she asked, "Why do they go down on their knees?" I replied, "Why wouldn't you go down on your knees?" Earning me an eye roll and a "stop it". But then a kid nearby yelled, "Hey, Justin, do you want to help me go down on the big one?" Situational humor at its best.

Eryn further down the hill, safely away from the combatting sleds of the teenage girls.

Video of a ride. I realize it looks like I threw Eryn at the bumps and, in my defense, I did. But she had fun.

Kyle sledding. He cheated and stuck out an arm to slow himself down. Worried about his nards or something. Loser.

Scott sledding. I look so happy. I probably didn't look happy ten seconds later when I refused to stick out an arm and slow myself down and realized I should have been worrying about my nards or something.

Pooteewheet took this funny picture of the Elm Creek Park Reserve beach.

Kyle, Matthew and Zoe hanging out before dinner.


Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I just had to comment on that monkey picture.

It's priceless and adorable!

LissyJo said...

I love the poker picture with various beer bottles and cans... and a juice box.

She says said...

Grandpa John looks a little like Jack Nicholson in this picture... he has the signature Jack squint going.

Sank said...

Nards? That word makes me smile... also takes me back...