Friday, December 07, 2007

So Many Videos

Taylor has been on a video blogging theme lately, and I'd like to present my favorites. But first, a nice Andrew Zimmern link for Mean Mr. Mustard. Mean Mr. Mustard might not know the details of the helper candle, but he did recompense me $0.10 for not knowing in the Caribou coffee line, and there are plenty of great Christmastime for Jews recipes to make him feel ethnic at Zimmern's site, and most of them don't even have meat. Bonus.

So...on to Taylor's videos:
1.) Pat Robertson says that Hwy 35 and the bridge disaster are foretold in the bible. I'm not listing it because Pat is correct. I know he's not correct, because I'm an ordained man of god, and god told me differently (go back through my posts...I'm literally ordained). You don't think god talks to me? You haven't sat down to drink enough in my computer room. God is not concerned with rivers and highways, but with string theory, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, scotch, sushi (with quail egg), the occasional off-colored joke, and being fucking happy despite Pat Robertson. That's not a generalization, god said, "I'm concerned with off colored jokes and being fucking happy despite Pat Robertson. Did you hear the one about the Korean and the Australian?" (Taylor, After the hop).
2.) Dr. Hook's Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk. I remember when this song was on the radio. If you remember it - then we are soul songsters, because you cannot get the refrain out of your head even after only seeing the title in print (Taylor, After the hop).
3.) The strangest Wonder Woman video you are ever going to see. My mother once told me she took my Dad to see a cross-dressing something show, with a nurse I knew very well from my ten years working for the local union, and he (my Dad) was the best sport ever, for a Montana farm boy raised in an environment where that sort of thing was simply unheard of. So Dad...I'm 99.9% certain Taylor posted this video for you (Taylor, After the hop).
4.) If you don't know what they're singing in Bollywood videos, this is what you're missing. This is perhaps my favorite out of the four. And it moved up a notch when Pooteewheet misheard a few words in Tekkon Kinkreet. I'm going to have to ask Bhavin what the hell "Benny Lava" means, because that can only make it more amusing (Taylor, After the hop).

But wait...a bonus video or two!
5.) Pharyngula has a god-awful video about the baby Jesus and D&D (Pharyngula, After the hop).
6.) And I don't know why the fuck people in my home town feel Mr. and Mrs... or Mrs. and Mrs... clown humor is ok, but I guess they do. Mrs. and Mrs. Clown...your video is not long enough to engage me in the travails of the Pink Puppy. Might I suggest the talents of Kyle Z. as a writer, actor, and, dare I say it despite his lack of professional training, clown? He has the spirit within him, and I'm sure his take on flying monkeys would cause both laughter and unsettled introspection...he's clown to the core. (link).


Anonymous said...

The clowns bring about the spirit within me - the spirit of anger anyway. Mix that in with some gobledegook about I-35 by a Christian nutjob and my annoyance meter is about pegged for the evening. I would be more than happy to put my talents to work in the realm of clown-dom, as long as it results in the serendipitous event of clowns being mercilessly attacked by flying monkeys....

Interesting that you bring up clowning, what with your secret west coast double life. I think my potential talents could never match up to those professed by "Scooter" ;)

And I quote the bullet points, etc below -

Why Choose Scooter?

He’s an Award Winning Entertainer
Amazing Magic Show
balloon twisting that will entertain everyone
Juggling skills that uses balls, clubs, diablo, rolo bolo, devil sticks, poi, and more
His antics on the Unicycle
Face painting that will delight children of all ages
Quality Custom Made Unique Clown Attire
Professional Leather Clown Shoes that Squeak
1st place in the BC Entertainer Club’s Balloon Twisting Competition

It takes more than a rainbow wig and a pair of oversized shoes to make a professional clown. Scooter has been constantly improving his clowning craft since 1992 and he takes his performance art very seriously.

Honestly, I never knew you had it in you....

Anonymous said...

You are right I went outside of my box a number of times to get a handle on what life is about out their. It was a giant step for a Montana boy from the vast empty spaces and the very right, religious, John Birch, society and etc.