Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bosetacular and Atonement

I have never owned good speakers for a computer. Ever. Not on any of the models I, or my family, has owned since the Compaq desktop with the fold up keyboard and Vic 20 days. Pooteewheet and I picked up a set of Bose speakers (not the super expensive ones, the smaller set of two) at Best Buy because our flat screen didn't come with any speakers, I have the other speakers around the house bundled to go with the machines they're associated with when they leave the house for browner pastures, and the batteries on my headphones are dying again. They're incredible. I can hear things in videos that I couldn't hear before, and if you're sitting in front of the screen, you can perceive the stereo. Not to mention that if the volume went to 10 on our old speakers, these would effectively go to 100 or more. I have no doubts I'll be able to ride my bike trainer and still hear what's playing.

Transitioning to a movie that would sound incredible on the new speakers, Pooteewheet and I went to see Atonement on Thursday night, courtesy of Cities 97. It's as good as the hype suggests. A beautiful movie with a slowly building and complex plot, music and sound effects that fit the scenes perfectly, and a recreation of a bit of Dunkirk that makes you glad you weren't involved in that particular miracle. I'm sure two of my friends are sold solely on the fact that Keira Knightley is involved - but it helps to know you're not going to end up at a movie like Domino.

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