Monday, December 10, 2007

So Many Birthdays, And I'm Not Including Jesus

We had the equivalent of five birthdays in the last ten days. The princess party for the next door neighbor. The newly adopted second cousin. Conner, the close friend. Ollie, the nephew/cousin. And Adele, the new niece/cousin. Conner's birthday was the most amusing, because the service at Chuck E. Cheese's was atrocious. The highlight of the evening was when the server leaned over to present the bill and accidentally stuck his fingers into Eryn's cake...then pretended he hadn't and tried to hide his fingers. Dan'l swept Eryn's cake off the plate and replaced it. When she turned around, she looked shocked, as though her cake had magically healed all the bites in it. Here's Conner admiring his new Tinker Toys.

We bought Conner Boomwhackers. That's what we've been buying all the kids this year - Conner, Ollie, Logan. That way if the kids ever get together, they can have a HUGE concert. What are boomwhackers? This video should summarize their functionality succinctly.

That was from Ollie's birthday. Here's the niece and nephews enjoying cake, shortly after I used Ollie's new Transformer voice changing box to call my friends and family and tell them one of the following stories in the most menacing Optimus Scooter-type tone: 1.) I was their father (Luke), 2.) I had kidnapped their rubber ducks, 3.) I was them, from the future, calling back to warn them not to leave the house the next day.

Was it a good birthday party? I'll let Artie be the judge of that. Artie - were you enjoying yourself?

And finally, a picture of the new, adopted cousin from Guatemala who flew into the cities in his spaceship. That's class.

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