Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Tree 2008

Here's the 2007 Scooter household Christmas tree. A fake, I'll buy a real one when they have no impact on the environment, and that includes the mulching of them and wasting water on them...but this year we fluffed the branches a bit rather than leaving them all squashed together, so it looks a little more festive. And we hung more ornaments to flush it out. And stuck it back by the porch where it can reflect the lights off the glass doors. Eryn's new flickering snowflake and a string of green lights decorates the front of the house, so we're not antisocial on the public side of the house. Although with all the trees that blew down in the back this year, that side is public now as well.

Here we are in the process of decorating. Prior to the black angel, but after the hanging of my thumbprint ornament.

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Mac Noland said...

Good looking tree. While we still get a real one, my in-laws cut one down at Target last year. My parents did the same this year. Thus my wife is pushing towards plastic needles.