Friday, December 28, 2007

Pig Nose Extravaganza!

One of the geocaching bugs we picked up, the one attached to a pig nose, asked that it be involved in as many pictures with it on as possible. I've only provided one picture, but it's a collage, so I don't have to feel like I'm shirking. If you need to see close ups, you'll have to root around in my 2007 photo collection near the bottom.

Speaking of geocaching - today I was in the park closest to work looking for four caches, one of which involved taking my coat off and sticking my arm way up inside a tree, and still not finding it, which is scary if you're alone, because you worry about rabid squirrels or getting your arm stuck and having your phone die. I didn't find three out of four I was looking for. That doubles my unfound caches. I'm going to have to leave myself a note not to go to that cachers caches. But the best part was coming back to find two people looming over my car with their phone out. They had called the police to report a car where it shouldn't be - i.e. at the end of a plowed road.

I said, "I was out walking."

They said, "We thought it was stolen. It looks like it's been here quite a while."

I responded, "About sixty minutes." Then I mumbled, "There's still water on the hood" (from the engine heat - it was snowing).

They replied, "You can't drive a car back here."

I said, "Why? It's plowed, there's an area to turn around, and there's no 'do not enter' sign."

They assured me, "Yes there is."

Not really able to argue because I didn't have photographic evidence and the entrance was half a mile away, I drove back out to find no sign. The truth is, I believe them - but it's probably under four feet of snow, and that's not my fault. I can't be expected to do an archaeological dig for street signs.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, in your bit of the pig nose montage, you look an awful lot like Ned Beatty in the infamous scene from Deliverance. I'm just hoping you didn't have to go through something nearly as traumatic as his character to achieve said effect :)

tonka_boy said...

The cat doesn't look like it's having a good time - but the dog looks into it.

Mac Noland said...

"They had called the police to report a car where it shouldn't be - i.e. at the end of a plowed road" - Some people have too much time.

Scooter said...

Mac - do you mean I have too much time, thus I'm geocaching? :)

Kyle - I just saw the two part history of SCTV last night on PBS and they had the pig boys in the canoe in the deliverence skit with Martin Short. Reminded me of this comment.