Monday, December 17, 2007

Dog Outfits and My Super Power

The stupidest thing I heard on Sunday was on E! television where someone remarked, "Your dog can never have too many outfits." Yes they can. One.

Stupidest thing I heard on Saturday, someone on the BBC referring to the drive to Cornwall being problematic because of "Stonehenge rubberneckers". Stupid...but funny.

My super power revealed - I am a master of media coincidence. The day after Pooteewheet and I watched Air Guitar Nation, enjoying C-Diddy's rise to Air Guitar champion of the world, I yelled to Pooteewheet that she had to come see Heroes on streaming Netflix, for there was C-Diddy as a messenger guy! Then, on Friday, we went to see I Am Legend. When I sat down in front of Heroes Season 2 the next day to watch the next episode, there was the exact same abandoned Times Square, with the same Wicked poster and even the same construction - just no deer. My immediate assumption was that they'd traveled into the past to stop the making of Will Smith's movie for some reason. So this is my super power - provide me with any two media experiences, and because I am the observer, they will have eerie similarities and congruences. Seems like a pathetic power, until you realize it's been driving Will Smith's acting career toward I Am Legend for ten years. He owes me 1/100th of a percent on that whole Independence Day thing.

I'm posting this so I can refer it to Bob in E Building, because I'm certain he'll like it. Via Yehuda's 30 Strangest Board Games of 2007, Jonathan Coulton singing Baby Got Back.

An alternate live version with some backup singers for harmony. The original by Sir Mix-a-Lot, should you need to compare.


Mac Noland said...

I don't tell many people, but I play Santa at the Human Society. Thus I see all types of dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets in all sorts of dress cloths.

I find it interesting the way some of these people treat their animals like kids. Personally I dress up kids, not fish.

Scooter said...

I'm going to assume you mean Humane society, because otherwise it's kind of creepy. Very cool - I bet you make a lot of kids very happy when they bring their pets for pictures with Santa.

I told one of the teachers at your brother's school about the bicycle and furnace. That's hilarious.