Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cute Christmas Party Photos

I bet you were hoping to see me dressed up like a bike bib wearing Santa Claus, and Pooteewheet as a sexy Mrs. Claus in just her Santa hat and an elf-themed thong. Think again. This isn't that kind of blog unless I'm making fun of Mean Mr. Mustard. I apologize that it looks like he has a bit of nipple showing, but he's not. Even if he was, it would be Sarah Michelle Geller's nipple, not his. I guess that doesn't make it any better, him sporting SMG's nipple.

Well...those pictures firmly ensconsed in your brainpan, I move on some cute pictures from the company party and one from gaming night. Here's Eryn with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. About an hour wait in a line - Pooteewheet did the escorting this year - but Eryn made some friends standing there all that time. I hope it was with the kid of someone who's at least director level. It should be noted that she's only slightly more amenable to Santa Claus this year than she was last year. But at least this year there's no accompanying picture of the mumu that so horrifies my mother (who made it).

Not Rudolph. Maybe Skippy or Chantel. Two pictures in a row of Eryn with her hands clasped. I've seen her do that before, I just didn't notice it was a picture-taking habit. I'm not sure what that's about. It looks very political - sort of Hillary Clintonesque, which I say primarily to bother my father-in-law, not because I hope Eryn grows up to marry someone who cheats on her. Politics is fine, I'd just prefer she avoid that whole historical counterpart leading up to being elected herself.

I'm actually a little surprised this deer has horns. I think I can see reindeer toe.

Super cool Allowance game from Logan and his mom and dad. We always open his present early because it's always great. The point of the game is to earn $20 and, if at any time you overspend and go below $0, to go home and ask your parents for 3 more dollars, which involves so much begging you lose a turn. Pooteewheet won with 20-some dollars, thanks to saving her babysitting bucks. Eryn had a reasonable stash from mowing lawns. And I ended our first game a turn in the hole waiting for my parents to shell out another $3. Too many movies, too many video games, a penchant for school supplies, and a lemonade stand that never sold a glass. Damn. On a positive note, Eryn learned to count quarters. So she's now fully aware that one quarter is 25 cents, and two is 50 cents. And she learned to ask what an allowance was...ut oh.

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