Friday, October 19, 2007

Vacation - Interlude - Hot Tub, Multipurpose Tools

There are a bunch of pictures for the inlaws and family right here. Mini golf, carousel rides, train rides, motorcycle rides, new boots, Halloween decorations, et al. Everything we did in Tucson proper that didn't fit into an event category. Over here, we have all of Pooteewheet's pictures from Karchener Caverns. I'd already been without her on a previous trip, so she went alone. You can't take pictures in the caverns, however, so this is more of a study in desert wildlife and fauna. Some very pretty pictures.

I will highlight two pictures from Tucson. One, me in a hot tub examining the "temperature duck" to determine how long my regionally appropriate beer will stay cold. My mother collects rubber ducks and Eryn's hobby is to play with them (although Grandma sent her home with several ducks of her own). Eryn moved a selection of them into the hot tub, presumably so you would all have to be subjected to this picture.

Great Grandma gave Eryn some tape. At first she claimed she had meant to get her scotch tape instead of duct, electricians, and piping tape. Then she claimed it was emergency tape, and she didn't know how it go into the gift bag she bought Eryn. But Eryn was happy and put it to good use taping all of John's tools together. Allison reminisced with me on the phone about how she'd once been duct taped to the tree in our front yard only to have my cousin bang her head into the trunk. Good times. She fully approved and sanctioned Eryn's plan for the duct tape.


boringsahm said...

Don't you love Grandma's and their gifts to your kids!

Anonymous said...

I have some extra tape if someone needs it! Thanks Lissyjo!