Friday, October 19, 2007

Vacation, Day 7 - Chiricahua

I told you I bought a 2 gig camera chip. Did you think it wasn't going to get used? I've been giving it some thought, though. And I think next major picture taking event, I'm only posting a few pictures to Flickr per day. Quality over quantity. The extra 100 pictures or so per event will still exist on my drive, but you won't be subject to 35 pictures of my bald spot from different angles. Don't thank me until after you've been subject to me in a hot tub with rubber ducks.

We stopped early after White Sands, not too far from Tucson, and spent one more night on the road, in Wilcox, Arizona, so we could check out Chiricahua National Monument (nice panoramic picture at Wikipedia at the bottom) the next morning. It's famous for...more rocks! I admit, we may have overdone the rocks on this trip. But it was pretty neat, and next time we go to Arizona, I think Pooteewheet and I may set aside some time to go hiking, even if it means camping out. They have some 13-17 mile hikes that lead from the base of the mountains all the way to the tip top, higher than the area below where Eryn and I are standing.

Climbing up here made me a little nervous, and I'm a guy who slept against a 21 story window drop for two years. I wasn't convinced the cement was sturdy enough. I had more faith in the rock I was standing on.

Another picture of all the pillars. You can climb around down there, although you have to watch out for rattlesnakes. Two little girls who were running around told us to be careful because they had heard one off the trail (they were very earnest).

Pooteewheet on a big rock. It's much higher than it might seem in 300x400 resolution, and she had to shimmy up a little ledge to get up there. I crawled up to get the camera from her so I could take a picture - there was a nice breeze.

I don't know why I'm in this pose in two different locales. But it's very similar to how Eryn poses when someone's taking a picture and she's freeforming. Quit looking up my shorts.

Grandma, sitting where there's no bouldering necessary. When you're 92, bouldering is way way down the list of activities you want to participate in. Underneath that tree smelled like the best pine air freshener ever know, almost like a real pine, but better.

All the Chiricahua pictures.

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