Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm back! Vacation and A Line from a Recent Story

What was that, twelve days without blogging? That may be my longest absence since I started. I did better than that while I was on RAGBRAI. I apologize. The family took grandma (or great-grandma, depending on whether you're GenX or Gen...Z+, to Tucson for her annual snowbirding. I looked at my Blackberry a few times just so I could thank the coworker who was covering for me, and otherwise I avoided the internet with the exception of updating my parents' computer (by the way, f-you Realplayer and your shitty "I don't want to upgrade because you had a previous version and you manually uninstalled it without installing a new version and now I won't play nice except to leave hoofprints all over your registry." And no, it's not Microsoft's fault for having the registry in the first place. Real Player 6 footprints and Real Player 9 and 10's refusal to install if there's a manual uninstall of 6 is utter garbage. One of the stupider things I've ever seen in installation, as well as the refusal to offer a fix even though it's obviously a Real-related problem despite that some users have bemoaned the problem for over a year).

Anyway - I have hundreds of pictures. So, so, so many pictures. I shall subject you to only the more interesting and amusing ones, and just a few scenic ones over the next several days. Why not all at once right now? Because I'm too lazy to upload them all at once, let alone comment on them all at once.

On to the story...I've been writing a short story based on the ride Ming, Kyle and I took through Wisconsin. The characters aren't based on us, but I needed a name for a main character I could wrap my head around easily and he shared a few qualities with Ming, so Ming it was. My favorite line so far..."and Ming wondered if strippers biked."

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