Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tater Tour

Yesterday morning Kyle and I went on the North Hennepin Community College Tater Tour, in and around Elm Creek Park Reserve (Maple Grove, Champlin, etc). I've never been on an organized ride outside my bike group that late in the year, and was expecting it to be about 32 degrees, particularly given the 40-degree weather during the Wisconsin ride two weeks ago. But it was pleasant, albeit a little overcast, and a really nice twenty-five mile ride (there were 15 and 55 mile versions as well) with the exception of a few spots of significant wind. Elm Creek has some nice up and down on the trails, so it's a bit of work here and there. At the end, they served us a loaded potato - add your own fixin's - and a root beer float. A strange combination after a ride, but surprisingly refreshing.

I forgot my helmet, which is a real no-no in an organized ride. Fortunately, Kyle had two, having just picked up a second. Here is a seriously unflattering photo of me mugging his extra helmet with the straps extended about as far as they'll go. Guess who's bigger - him or me.

Here's Kyle rushing the bridge in the park. Behind him is a family of three - he dropped them like they were standing still. Ming might like to know that Kyle held up really well on the ride, given the knee problems he's been having, and the fact that he messed up his back a few days ago. Too bad it's so late in the season - it's going to be difficult to get in anything more.

My handlebars. You might notice that despite my assertion that it was nice out, it was long sleeve weather. That's my $5 Bike Classic jersey that was too big for Ming. I wear it all the time now as it's mondo comfy..

This guy had a turret and gargoyle on his house. His home is quite literally his fortress. I wonder if he sits up there and pretends he's defending his place from bicyclists with crossbows and battering rams.

Compared to some of the other rides I've been on this year, there were not many people, as is evidenced by the rest stop. There were probably 50 or so cars in the lot, so at least 100 bikers, but with the two-three hour starting window, other cyclists were few and far between on the trail and at the stop.

But there were a few cyclists here and there, though I'm not sure which ones were on the ride, and which were just out for an end of the year family jaunt.

Kyle cam! Now you too can pretend you're biking right behind Kyle. I should have made one of these movies on the Sunrise Trail for the post about Ming and Malaysian buttocks, but hey, live and learn.

Two more action videos. Long and not very interesting, but if you're on your trainer and want to mimic part of the Tater Tour for a while, they might be fun. Or, if you're pondering the ride and are worried about the big hills and crowded trails, these might set your mind at ease.
Virtual Tater Tour Ride #1:

Virtual Tater Tour Ride #2:


Unknown said...

hey buddy where did you aquire the clip that holds your map? Thanks for the info we "The Spinn Sisters" enjoyed your blog

Scooter said...

Got the clip from my bike group, The Twin Cities Bike Club (TCBC). I took a look - they do sell them via an online store (although I got mine for free):