Sunday, September 30, 2007


Kyle noticed this in the parking lot next to where we were buying Surly Fest (Oktoberfest), shortly before he tried to give me meat poisoning by feeding me what seemed like four pounds of pork chops, a field of carmelized carrots, and a plate of rice.

It quite literally is the Vangina.

Look - close up!

Addendum: in the spirit of the Vangina, and with a little bit of paint, I have christened Pooteewheet's car the Ford Fuckus. I know I should have christened my own car, but the only thing I could think of was the Saturn-alia, and that's just stupid. Maybe I could have gone with vedickle, as vangina is the type off vehicle, not the make or model. But that's not nearly as funny.

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boringsahm said...

We just bought a VW so would that make my car a Vagwagon?