Thursday, September 06, 2007

Magnetic Meme

She Says, mother to be (congrats on the nookie with a purpose SM! Complain that sex for the sake of procreation feels mechanic and rote and unromantic and see if she does something "different". Consider it a strange, but useful, bargaining chip.), has a meme on her blog that involves detailing many of the things on your fridge. As Pooteewheet's laptop is currently awaiting a new power cord, I will now run up and down the stairs trying to remember what I see. Like one of those games where there's a whole bunch of shit under a blanket, and it's lifted for a few seconds, and you have to write down everything you see? Never done that? Then you've never been to a Boy Scout demo at a Mall. Those were the days...crap under a blanket, fake indoor fires, pinewood demo races, and giant bow and drill method fire lighting in the parking lot.

But I digress! On to the fridge! And I lied, I'm not running up and down. Since I've cleaned the computer room (70% complete - still waiting on a few things to move out of house) I've found the Post-Its (c) so I can record. Moving from the left, to the front, to the right:
  • Four (4) Wallace and Grommit magnets
  • Eryn's duck ear ring (magnetic)
  • "Come the Rapture, Can I have your car" bumper sticker - the one that got a woman to harrass Pooteewheet in the Home Depot parking lot
  • MN Rollergirls schedule
  • Letter J magnet - one of those colored kid's magnetic letters
  • Frog magnet
  • Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society magnet
  • Coupon for Chuck and Don's Pet Food, free item worth $3 or less - won at the fair on the wheel of fortune in the pet surgery area
  • Miya Kunin's String Studio brochure - violin for toddlers (not to be confused with the woman from "That 70's Show").
  • Christy and Ty Christmas card featuring them pictured with Penn and Teller
  • RenFest coupon
  • Three pictures of Eryn - halloween, snowman, Chuck E. Cheese
  • September lunch schedule for Tesseract
  • Postcard from Grandpa and Grandma - Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Arizona
  • Postcard from Grandpa and Grandma with writing - Hubbell Trading Post Rug Room
  • Two Frank Lloyd Wright magnets
  • 2 little magnetic bendy men
  • On top of the fridge - breadmaker, 12 pastic containers (destined for school, an empty egg carton (likewise) and an empty photo album (ditto)
  • Picture of the kids of the Gulf War soldier we sent books, candy, cards, etc. to at the beginning of Gulf II.
  • Lots of magnetic poetry words including, "her forest after worship" and "power will show men"
  • Art from Eryn: 1 armed guy from just yesterday (guess she reads Hedy too), My Little Pony, Butterfly, etc.
  • Lyrics to "My Little Baby Loves Shortnin' Bread"
  • Big South Park magnet
  • "It's hard to convince people you're killing them for their own good" bumper sticker
  • Instructions to help Eryn get past her constipation, including use of a Fleet enema
  • Tsuki sushi magnet from Chicago
  • Dentist magnet
  • Picture of Eryn at Charie's watching a friend play guitar
  • Picture of Christy I was given by Scott and encouraged to "use in a creative way" (yet to be done)
They don't call it the 21st century hearth for no reason.

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