Monday, August 27, 2007

Business Speak

I was subjected to a bit of business speak in a meeting today. I thought I should share, in case you want to impress coworkers with your way with the words. They're nothing fancy, which is good, because that way they're easy to pull out at a moment's notice:
  • "take the window” - to go with what’s available while waiting for what you want/require. Sometimes used even when it seems like you’re building a complete house and there aren’t even any doors. If your house is in danger of burning down, taking the window is the wise course of action. Can refer to using legacy functionality while awaiting development resources and/or hardware for a new feature.
  • box of chocolates list” - fairly self explanatory. A questionable metaphor since the movie Forrest Gump because, as the Gump pointed out, you get what you get when you root around in a box of chocolates. You might fill your box of chocolates with all the things you'd like to have that are extras, but when you do, you might not get to pick which ones come back out for eating.
  • we’ll wear it” - that item is one that we will take direct ownership of – we are responsible for it, as though it were a pair of old underwear with a streak in them – i.e. even we may not want to confess to ownership, but certainly no one else does, and it looks like our Mom has sewn our name on the elastic.

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