Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kloonigames, Crayon Physics

I saw this game, Crayon Physics by Kloonigames, on Geekdad and downloaded a copy to play yesterday. It's fun...and hard, and somewhat frustrating, because you're hoisting yourself by your own petard. I have to remember to let Eryn actually play it, seeing as I was thinking of her when I grabbed it, before I found myself messing around with it.

If you like it, you can find additional levels here and here.

I assume the posting for a game I found about Kyle's 2-D Boy Blog and The World of Goo is a sign that I was destined to leave the links for Kyle, even though the game is not yet on the market (but it looks interesting, in the same way the PSP game with the little dude that falls apart looks interesting). I'm not going to make any connections beyond the common denominator of the name - Kyle's 2-D-ness is his own issue.

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