Friday, June 29, 2007

Retro Photo Blogging - Ming's House

I was just noticing that it's been like 3+ years since we actually hung out at Ming's house. I've been there since, but just on a stop over while we prepared to go biking on the Gateway. Here's his house in mid 2003. The part with the rocks - not the part behind the tape. That's his neighbor. The damage is from Ming beating on the edge of the house after they painted the Malaysian death number on the corner closest to him just to spite him.

Here's Logan and Eryn. Both of them very little compared to now.

Ming and Eryn. She'd obscure him if he were holding her now.

Logan riding a zebra. Based on Julie's love of animals, maybe he'll get to own a real one some day. And it will call into bed with Ming and sleep with it's butt on his face. "Litterbox" won't seem like such a silly nickname then, will it?

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics. We should get together again after we get the AC fixed.