Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My New Children

I have now seen statements by two singers stating that their first CD is their first "child". From now on, I regret to inform everyone - and I truly regret it - that I will be using this same phrase in all possible situations. And it doesn't matter that I may have had a first child in one arena, it won't carry over to any other. For example, my first database collection at work - my first child. My first data wheel on a collection will also be my first child. My first phone call from BJ TallBrad...my first child. In that case it might seem like I didn't create anything and the birthing process as a metaphor isn't appropriate. But Brad as BJ was introduced into my life and I feel that's enough. Just because you didn't create the children yourself doesn't mean you don't love them just as much. This blog - my first child, even though I already had a web site. I'm not sure which reader is my first child, but I encourage scouring the weblogs as a sort of paternity test.

Klund may be pleased to see that I used quotes when referring to how others refer to their children, because they do, but that my own children will have no quotes. I feel that hints just a little too strongly that they might not be legitimate children, and I'm not about to start birthing bastards at almost 40. This baby daddy is in control of his Scooter juices. The creative ones.

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